Many people feel that credit cards are a curse to human beings since it promotes expenditures rather than promoting savings. This is incorrect since credit cards are nothing but blessings in disguise for the present generation human race. When the credit cards were first launched only few people those who hailed from rich income group were using it liberally and many companies did not accept credit cards. Now, everyone are using credit and debit cards for purchasing grocery, music, luxury brands, apparels and footwear from the shops and the companies happily accept credit cards. Even millions of women throughout the world are using Visa and master cards for purchasing several items from branded shops. The day is not too far were each and everyone will be carrying cards in their wallets. Credit cards companies these days promote various offers such as cash back, point accumulation, discount coupons and fabulous discounts. Strictly credit cards users are extremely benefited from them since they need not part away the dollars they have in their pocket instead can use these cards for purchasing goods and services through the website In this liberalized economy it will be tough to live without credit cards and most of companies also accept credit cards from the customers.

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